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Jet Engine Plane

Jet Engine Plane

Ody Frank
by OD3DArt on 25 Nov 2023

After seeing a job listing for a hard surface vehicle artist I got the idea to create this interesting design in Blender. The almost comical proportions and general design of the vehicle make it very eye catching and distinct from other airborne vehicles of a similar nature. (2023)

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Image 1: 3D model concept of a jet engine plane idea that I had. Made using Blender, I came up with the idea and instantly wanted to see how I could make it look in 3D.

Image 2: Front orthographic view of the plane, shows off the blades of the engine and the front profile. It also gives a good idea of how well the pilot can see out the front.

Image 3: Side orthographic view of the plane, showing off the side profile of the plane.

Image 4: Top orthographic view of the plane, this view gives a good idea of the proportions of the different parts of the vehicle. 

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