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Clumsy - The robot companion

Clumsy - The robot companion

by YanZao on 24 Nov 2023

I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. It took me longer than I expected. It was quite challenging for me to complete this task in 1 week as a side project. My goal was to make the cutest little robot; I don't know if I reached that goal but I'm happy I completed the task. Meet Clumsy, the little robot !

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Final Images

To stick to the theme as much as possible, I focused on creating a cute robot with basic shapes and add emotion to it. 

To achieve that: 

*I chose the circle/sphere as basic shapes, to communicate friendliness and kindness.

*I made it small with big eyes, to try to mimic a "puppy" look. 

*I gave it  short legs to make it a little clumsy.

*I gave it a bent antenna to break a little bit all the round shapes. 

I did the modeling in Blender, the texturing of the robot in Substance Painter, the lighting and rendering in Blender with Cycles.

My main references are from the video game franchise "Ratchet and Clank"


*HDRI from Poly Haven  "Brown Photostudio 02" By Sergej Majboroda

*Ground texture from Quixel Bridge "Painted Wooden Planks"

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