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Chronicles of the Green Case

Chronicles of the Green Case

Dayana Galinova Ganeva
by DayanaGaneva on 23 Nov 2023

Embark on a visual journey with "Chronicles of the Green Case," my second venture in Substance Painter. Featuring Ana Coronado's 3D model, it unveils a magical world within a green suitcase—books, a space compass, mystical stones, ancient scrolls, and a crucial camera tool.

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Chronicles of the Green Case

Unveiling the Elements:

Enchanted Suitcase:

Dive into the depths of Ana Coronado's model and my hand painted textures—a green suitcase that holds the key to a realm of mysteries. The strokes of my digital brush in Substance Painter breathe life into its texture, making it a portal to the extraordinary.

Whispers of Wisdom:

Explore the ancient knowledge bound in the carefully placed books. Each one tells a story, and my Substance Painter skills weave an aesthetic narrative, turning these books into gateways to fantastical realms.

Celestial Guidance:

The space compass points the way to uncharted territories. Ana Coronado's intricate design is complemented by my evolving skills in Substance Painter, adding an ethereal glow that sparks the imagination.

Stones of Magic:

Behold the two magical stones, pulsating with otherworldly energies. This is the only model made by me, I felt like a more mystical feature was needed in this composition, my Substance Painter strokes enhance their aura, inviting viewers to ponder the secrets they hold.

Timeless Scrolls:

Ancient scrolls unfurl tales of bygone eras. My second journey into Substance Painter brings out the intricate details, making each scroll a visual testament to the passage of time and the stories it carries.

Lens of Wonders:

Grasp the camera, a crucial companion to the adventurer's journey. This lens captures the magical moments encountered on Earth and in the vastness of space, preserving the essence of each discovery.


Crafting the Atmosphere:

Beyond the technicalities, my role in this collaboration was to paint an atmosphere and light the scene—a blend of Ana Coronado's craftsmanship and my evolving Substance Painter and Blender skills. Together, we present the "Chronicles of the Green Case," a doorway to a realm where imagination and artistry intertwine.

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