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Crafting Magic: Wood, Books, and Potions

Crafting Magic: Wood, Books, and Potions

Dayana Galinova Ganeva
by DayanaGaneva on 23 Nov 2023

Join me on a journey into the world of 3D art with "Crafting Magic." This project is a fantastic collaboration between me and the talented Jose Manuel Guevara. He's the one who made these awesome models in Blender, while I took my first shot at painting and lighting using Blender and Substance Painter.

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Discover the Elements:

The Enchanted Board:

Crafted by Jose Manuel Guevara, the wooden board lays the foundation for our mystical diorama. Its textures and details invite viewers to touch the screen and feel the magic beneath their fingertips.

The Tome of Secrets:

Behold the fantastic modeled book, a creation by Jose Manuel Guevara that holds untold secrets within its pages. My newfound skills in Substance Painter breathe life into its surface, creating an illusion of ancient knowledge waiting to be unlocked.

Poison Elixir:

A potion, bubbling with mystical energy, with a touch of magic from both Jose Manuel Guevara's model and my first journey into painting 3D objects in Substance Painter. The potion was made fo be seen only from one perspective, to simulate the liquid inside as well as the glass.


Getting Artsy:

My role went beyond just the technical stuff. With Substance Painter, I aimed to bring enchantment to everything. Every stroke and play of light adds to a story that goes beyond pixels and screens.

Come along on this journey where wood, books, and potions come together in a magical tale. It's a mix of Jose's skill and my excitement about exploring Substance Painter.

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