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campaign design 2023 - EARTHSHINE - part 2 - creatures

campaign design 2023 - EARTHSHINE - part 2 - creatures

Tanaya Toli
by stardecahedron on 22 Nov 2023

the creatures of my campaign design for my original game, EARTHSHINE

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Final 2023 assignment, Campaign Design, for my space fantasy rpg concept, EARTHSHINE.

This is part 2 in Campaign Design 2023.

My final assignment for 2nd year concept art is to create a campaign pitch. Last year I created the concepts for All Wound Up, a video game about an old fashioned wooden doll trying to repair their heart, and it leaned very heavily into the vintage and slightly steampunk aesthetics.

This year I flew in a different direction, space fantasy RPG. I designed all these concepts for a top down RPG called EARTHSHINE, inspired by a few indie games: Undertale, Deltarune, and Omori. The aesthetics were based on sci fi and retro futurism, pop art, black light photos and arcades, and an overall spacey aesthetic in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy and Slime Rancher.

In a reverse Solar System populated with aliens, many are racing to claim the empty planet, Earth. But no one seems to be consulting its moon, Luna, who's people adore it as part of their culture.

Dawa, an alien from Luna, is on a quest to claim Earth for their home, meeting new companions Ferni from Mars and Destiny from Mercury along the way.

Includes the following: 2 pages of creatures from two planets, all their original thumbnails, colour tests, and an overview of the campaign!

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