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Fan Pokemon - Potooliar - Original Creature Design

Fan Pokemon - Potooliar - Original Creature Design

Tanaya Toli
by stardecahedron on 21 Nov 2023

a creature design board of poses and expressions of a potoo bird fanmade pokemon with dark and light purple feathers, orage cheeks, and green accent feathers, green eyes with black sclera and a green heart marking on its chest, done digitally

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Fan Pokemon - Potooliar - Original Creature Design

This project was for our advanced creature design module for 2023, where we we had to create full design board with the creature's full body font and back views, poses, and expressions. I specifically designed this a fan made Pokemon!

The concept for a new ghost and flying type bird Pokemon, called Potooliar, inspired by the real life potoo bird, the phantom of the opera, and ghosts from old animation. The Pokemon's name comes from combining the potoo with the word peculiar, for a more ghost like feeling. Fun fact: the original name was going to be Peekatoo, but was scrapped due to sounding similar to Pikachu.

The real life potoo bird is often known as the ghost bird due to it's haunting call. There's stories amongst locals that the potoo bird is actually the spirit of a woman crying out in mourning because she fell down to earth trying to chase after her husband. This is why ghost and flying types were chosen for this fan Pokemon, with it even having a heart shaped mark on it's chest to symbolise the broken heart of the woman.

Below includes the whole process of thumbnails, sketches and inking and flats, as well as some colour tests!

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