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by zikang on 21 Nov 2023

Sometimes, the only thing between you and a rich person is a pair of sunglasses

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Under a huge tree surrounded by mist, because the war was over, then the mist blocked the people's way so that they couldn't get away from the village, a merchant came in and said that the huge tree could be cut down and sold for money, then incited them to cut down the tree and go out, an old man who was guarding the hole of the tree, tried desperately to stop them but he was injured, they used torches to burn down the roots of the huge tree, and a song was sung. It was the old man who sang, the wind picked up around the tree, the tree started to wither and burn and drifted away with the wind, the old man watched the tree leave and fell into memories of the words, 30 years ago, during the war, the old man asked the tree to release the mist at the expense of the old man to stay with him, the song was the contract, let the tree know that there is no need to guard it, the old man collapsed to the ground directly after the tree left...

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