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Ipykia - Age of Burning Rain

Ipykia - Age of Burning Rain

Eliad Schonken
by SCHONKS on 21 Nov 2023

The Age of Burning Rain is a pre-visualisation of an Action Adventure RPG concept and a spiritual continuation to my previous collaborative project - Spice & Blood. Though, set before the war that occurs there. This is the process for planning and visualising the major city of Ipykia in the Kingdom of Ildyr.

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In its infancy, Ildyr was tucked away, north-east, behind the Hyllesian Mountains. Then there was Queen Dionestra’s Conquest of the Pearled Coasts. Saltspray in hand, she warred with neighbouring kingdoms and clans from the great lakes and hills of Theologos to the vast forests west of Edipsos. At the end of her grand conquest she founded Ipykia, succeeding Xanthi as the new capital of Ildyr. Seating the Kingdom on the coast of the Greying Seas for all to behold and fear.

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