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Breath of the Wild Fanmade Creature - The Lunar Shrew

Breath of the Wild Fanmade Creature - The Lunar Shrew

Tanaya Toli
by stardecahedron on 20 Nov 2023

a digital drawing of a mouse like creature with moth wings and a light green coat with white and pink accents, created for the Breath of the Wild video game.

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Breath of the Wild Fanmade Creature - The Lunar Shrew

This was our 2022 creature design module, in which we had to choose an IP, and draw a main view and page of extra poses and drawings. The main view of the creature had to be rendered as realistically as possible with full lighting and shadows.

I took the approach of combining two very creatures that into one whimsical creature that could be both realistic and fantastical, which were a field mouse and a lunar moth, which I named the Lunar Shrew. The IP I chose was the video game Breath of the Wild from The Legend of Zelda franchise, since I felt a creature like this would fit into it's world well.

In the lore of BOTW, this creature would appear in the warmer grassy fields of Hyrule, and the player can only see hundreds of them after the passing of a blood moon, hence it's name. The Lunar shrew is said to be a great form of livestock and transport for Hyrule's fairies, some saying fairies use the shrew's fur to make clothing.

Below includes the full process of this whole project, the sketches, inking, flat colours and rendering!

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