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Eos the Dwarf Star Scout - Original Character

Eos the Dwarf Star Scout - Original Character

Tanaya Toli
by stardecahedron on 20 Nov 2023

a character turnaround of a neon sci fi elf character with dark purple skin, soft blonde swept hair, and retro future outfit with large billowy white sleeves, done digitally

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Eos the Dwarf Star Scout - Original Character

This was our character design module for 2022, where we had to design a character, and do either a full turnaround of them, or a half one, and we had to have them posing in either A or T pose to pose off their design. We also had to include a posed view of the character.

The inspirations I took were a general sci fi and vaporwave vibe, in the art style of the Steven Universe pilot episode. Eos is a moon elf who recently became a dwarf scout, which is part of a rebellion to scout out dwarf stars to put refugee planets around. Eos is the youngest recruit in the rebellion, and comes off as a sort of nonchalant, and creepy indiviual. Certainly doesn't stop older recruits from not taking them seriously.

Below includes the whole process of sketches and inking and flats, as well as some clothing variations!

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