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Priest Archetype Costume Design - Age of Burning Rain

Priest Archetype Costume Design - Age of Burning Rain

Eliad Schonken
by SCHONKS on 20 Nov 2023

The Age of Burning Rain is a pre-visualisation of an Action Adventure RPG concept and a spiritual continuation to my previous collaborative project - Spice & Blood. Though, set before the war that occurs there. These are some concepts done for one of the playable magic classes. Specifically, one labelled the Priest.

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Whether it be in service of the Great Steed Upon the Sea - Ipykanthrios - or the forgotten goddess of Pyrrhon or the Great Brass Bull of Old Kymea; perhaps even a local spirit roaming the dandelion-swarmed hills, either way a priest channels the awe inspired by these beings and manifest it into great manipulations of the physical realm.

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