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Murder in the boudoir

Murder in the boudoir

Louisa Benziane
by mejarts on 19 Nov 2023

My first complete environment (interior) scene!

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My first complete environment! "Murder in the boudoir" was the final project for my 2nd year, and was made in under 6 weeks. The theme was a crime scene, and I established a list of elements and universes that I liked, before settling on a historic setting (art nouveau), with feminine elements (from the colours, to the items) for storytelling: a young woman being murdered in her changing room.

While the scene had changed many times during development, it's still fairly close to the original sketch, which you can see below. Now that some time has passed since the project and my skillset has grown, while I'm still very proud of what I've accomplished, there are many things that I'd change, and most importantly, I know how to change these elements. It's something I hope to be able to apply to my entry to the contest!

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