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Concept Art: Animal Crossing DLC (unofficial) pt. 2

Concept Art: Animal Crossing DLC (unofficial) pt. 2

Samira Rijnen
by SamiraRijnen on 17 Nov 2023

A DLC I designed for Animal Crossing. I wanted the whole project to have an environmental theme, with some extra components such as conservation, permaculture (gardening), exploring new species, and preservation of land (cleaning up trash through mini games)! Check my profile for part 1.

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Concept Art: Animal Crossing DLC


This illustration is for an unofficial DLC I made for Animal Crossing, New Horizons. The player will have the opportunity to remove trash from the ocean in return for rewards. It is an 'in game screenshot', were it an actual game, and is part of a larger collection that I made for this DLC (check my profile for part 1)!

These are some of the characters the player would come across in-game. I made them all endangered animals, as I wanted to spread awareness about the different species that still exist on this earth. Each of the animals have a different role, and teaches the player about different subjects that all revolve around making the earth a better place.

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