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Garistyn Howard
by garistyn on 16 Nov 2023

This is my final for the Foundations term at Think Tank Training Centre. I had a BLAST working on this!! The project was 4 weeks, split into two weeks of modeling and sculpting, one week of texturing, and one week of LookDev. Concept by Szymon Biernacki.

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The four weeks working on this were split into modeling, texturing, look development, and rendering for seven characters. Pulling it off in such a short time was all about the fun planning.

Modeling - UV - Displacements

For modeling I first created blockout models that matched the general shape of the characters and the environment.

Once I had the shapes blocked in, I moved them to Zbrush where I created High-resolution versions of the characters. I created low-resolution versions of the characters with Zremesh and Uv'd them to create my displacements.


When it came to texturing the characters, I grouped them by the materials they had. Some characters had similar materials, so I organized them that way. This simplified the texturing process a lot. Instead of working on textures for all 7 characters separately, I focused on creating a single diffuse with 7 different material types. Then, I could easily apply each material to the specific character that needed it using masks.

I created my initial Geo Bakes in Substance painter and moved them to Mari where I used them to texture the characters


For Look Development, I made use of a few different AOVs within Vray. 

I kept the materials straightforward by divided characters into separate materials based on their characteristics like SSS, low reflective surfaces, and high reflective surfaces.

To stay efficient, the ideal approach would have been exporting all AOVs as a multichannel EXR and editing them individually in Nuke. However, for this project, I chose to adjust each channel using HSVs in the Maya Hypershade. Looking back, it wasn't the most efficient method, and moving forward, I plan to use Nuke.

I used Xgen for character eyebrows and mustaches.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work! Cheers

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