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Gods at War Music Box — Asset Design

Gods at War Music Box — Asset Design

Casey Katzeff
by casemoth on 16 Nov 2023

This music box, a play on the classic ballerina wind-up, is an asset designed for a fantasy setting. I was tasked with conceptualizing both the item and a potentially working mechanism on the interior. (*i am not a mechanic, pls do not use this as a blueprint)

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Gods at War: Music Box

University Brief

This music box design was birthed from a university brief where we were required to design an asset with an internal mechanism. 

The box is constructed to play a tune while both rotating and vertically oscillating two interlocking figures. This box would be present within a live-action fantasy film, which explains the more intricate mechanics of the inner system that might not have otherwise been utilised in a historically accurate mediaeval setting.

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