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Visual Development - Beren & Luthien
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Visual Development - Beren & Luthien

Carla Kirsten
by conceptartbycarla on 16 Nov 2023

This project will hopefully keep growing and evolving into a successful glimpse into the forest of Doraith, and other areas withing Middle Earth explored in the adventures of Beren & Luthien

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Update - 4 Jul 2024

Warrior General

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Update - 28 May 2024

The Gates of Menegroth 

Menegroth, the Thousand Caves, was the city in the land of Doriath which was home to king Thingol of the Sindarin elves and queen Melian, one of the Maiar, during the First Age.

Update - 18 May 2024

A render of the handaxe I designed earlier. This weapon is aimed at the Doriath elves in Menegroth, and has a double edge that allows for very versatile fighting styles. 

Update - 6 Dec 2023

Update - 16 Nov 2023

This will be a long-running campaign aimed at creating art for the story of Beren & luthine, set in the fabulous world of Middle Earth, in the Years of the Trees.