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The Circus Act - Characters

The Circus Act - Characters

James Van der Walt
by everythingcraftsa on 15 Nov 2023

The Circus Act is a campaign I have designed about a circus group that travels to a cult town and ends up getting sacrificed. A detective comes from over seas to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the towns people and circus group.

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For these character sheets i wanted it to seem like that characters themselves were writing the information, so their personalities come through in that way. I also had a specific lighting scheme for each character section: for the circus people, they had an over head light source (almost like they're on stage), for the detective there is a light source from the left, and the cult people the light source is coming from the right (but the recruiter is facing away from the light, showing their reluctance to do much with the cult). 

In each circus persons design, they all have each others color's incorporated somehow; the ring master is mainly purple, the clowns are blue and yellow, the ballerina is green and pink, the animal handler is mainly dark blue, and the multi trick artist is dark purple. In the cult peoples color design, they have red incorporated into their clothing and accessories. The more red, the more powerful. 

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