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Inky Cap Clothing Co.

Inky Cap Clothing Co.

Aris Orion Gray
by arisog on 21 Nov 2023

A research and fashion design project centered around inclusive sizing in gender neutral fashion. A research brochure with Inky Cap's final size chart was produced in Adobe InDesign, and a sample outfit using said size chart was drafted and modelled in CLO3D.

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Inky Cap Clothing Co. was a research and fashion design project that began with the comparison of five brands similar to Inky Cap and their size charts, compiled into a research brochure in Adobe InDesign. These size charts were then used to inform Inky Cap's own gender neutral size chart, seen below.

Using Inky Cap Clothing Co.'s size chart and colour palette, a coordinated sweats outfit with three colourways was drafted and modelled in CLO3D.

The colourways shown in the slider above were nicknamed Inky Cap, Mother Earth and Rising Sunset, in the listed order. The outfit had three embroidered patches, and a large placement print that can be seen in the pattern window to the right.

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