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by BlancaSJG on 14 Nov 2023

This is an environment inspired by apocalyptic video games. We are a survivor sheltered in a baby's room while we plan how to reach our destination alive.

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I'm not really a huge fan of playing video games, but there is something that I love, to watch gameplays only for how the game environment looks like. 

There's been a long time since I decided to model a "Horror" environment. And I got the opportunity to adapt one of my creepy ideas to a project. 

I choose a child room for all the meaning of innocence and a new life around a baby. 

We don't know anything of this world and what's outside the room, if we are in a zombie apocalypse or in a world devastated by an illness. 

Every thing was modeled in Maya. The textures were created using Substance Painter and Photoshop. 

 The idea of the textures and models is to look like a real video game with the minimum topology and the right quality.


Red and green are always been the colors of my childhood. All my furniture is painted like that.  Furthermore, green is a color of youth and hope and red means danger and strength.


A wood cot is a very simple bed for a baby.  It has two cushions, so the baby was between three and six months  (It's dangerous to put blankets or cushions in a newborn's bed!! ). 

There's a lot of blood in the cot, the blanket and mattress are slit, and we can see some bloody handprints. Maybe something devoured alive the child.


A dirty and bloody doll is a comparison with the kid. There's no doubt that the baby didn't survive. 

It was so funny to work this model in Substance. I used a lot of layers to create a realistic skin, only to cover it in dirt and faded parts.

Underground Map

A 2023 map with the underground stations of Madrid suggests to us that we move through the tunnels, a quick way to travel when the surface is unsafe.


Even though we are in an interior, we don't know the dangers outside, and we must keep the heat. 

The fire was created in Maya with fluid with high resolution and its sparks were generated with particles.

We can see the textures of burned wood.


Some wax candles provide us light in a dark space and help with render noise.  

On top of the candle, some wax is melted.

The fire was created in Maya with fluid with high resolution.

Walkie Talkie

A walkie is essential to survival. 

The model has the exact topology to be in low poly during a close shot.


There's been a long time since this room was derelict, the walls and floor are chipped and with blood. All the windows are broken. The curtain is dirt and full of cuts. And the pictures of the baby reminds a tragedy.

The curtains were placed using ncloth, so that's why it has many polygons.

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