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Haunted Ship UE5

Haunted Ship UE5

Loïs Dumont
by Tosaink on 13 Nov 2023

It's a tribute to an old work i did to see my progress in 3D since my beginning with it

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Hi, here's my latest artwork,

It's a haunted house made of boat wrecks. The "boat" is entirely modelled by me, from scratch, in 3DS Max, textured in Substance Painter and the final scene was made in Unreal 5.

For the terrain, I initially wanted to work with Houdini but I didn't manage to get a good result, so I opted for Unreal 5.

It was create to see my improvement since my beginning in 2020, by recreating one of my first 3d work. 

I can clearly see my limits now with my knowledge and I can move in the right direction.

This is the house, create from scratch and only using max to create this.

I improved my modelling skills to have a very good model with good topology, clear shapes. And adding a layer of details with the texture to optimize the mesh.

You can see the old mod on the left, and the new on the right.

This is the first version. It's not the best work I made but i really like it. 

I don't now why but the concept, the idea of it, I wanted to pay tribute to him by doing it better while keeping his soul.

I hope you like it 

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