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Tribal Masks

Tribal Masks

Isaac Hernández Celaya
by disaachc on 12 Nov 2023

Discover the synergy of tradition and technology in two intricately crafted 3D tribal masks. Enhanced for gaming engines, adorned with shells, feathers, and jute fabric, these virtual creations seamlessly blend culture and craftsmanship. Each detail weaves a meaningful story, inviting you to explore the captivating rea

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Immerse yourself in the essence of culture with these two captivating tribal wooden masks. Adorned with shells, feathers, and jute fabric, these three-dimensional pieces are not just artistic expressions but also technical marvels. Designed with special attention to integration into video game engines, the masks reveal meticulous craftsmanship, with a carefully adjusted polygon count in the curves to maintain authenticity, even in close-up camera shots. Every detail tells a story, merging tradition with technological innovation. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of these unique 3D creations!

In closing, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to explore this project. Your curiosity and engagement are truly appreciated. Thank you for immersing yourself in the intricate details and stories behind these creations. It means the world to me that you've joined this artistic journey. Thank you for reading and appreciating the craftsmanship. Until next time, happy exploring

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