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Japanese Kimono

Japanese Kimono

Marco Oliveri
by MarcoOliveri on 10 Nov 2023

Japanese Kimonos are really fascinating, so I took the opportunity to create textures for one of them and widen my knowledge about procedural texturing.

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Hey guys, I'm back after a long time with a new 3D work. I've always wanted to create the textures for a japanese kimono, since I'm really fascinated by this kind of dress. I pushed myself beyond the limits (and actually beyond my computer's limits too, lol) to create the main pattern, and also all the other textures, using only Substance Designer, to see how much I could make procedural the creation of such a complex pattern, and I did. The only exceptions are cranes, golden rivers and the so-called "Huge Flowers" whose basic patterns have been created inside Illustrator (due to the strict deadline I imposed to myself) and then I exported various masks to create later the fabric effects inside Substance.
I hope you can enjoy this project as much as I did, it's been a great challenge!

Kimono 3D model by Nasim Beyt

Textures: Substance Designer / Illustrator
Rendering: V-ray for Maya
Compositing: Nuke and Photoshop

Below you can watch (up to 4K) a little cinematic presentation! Enjoy!

Kimono Front & Back View

Kimono Front & Back Three Quarters View

Kimono Turntable (You can watch it in UHD 4K)

Diffuse Pass

Glossiness Pass

Specular Pass

Normal Pass

Kimono elements analysis

Kimono single elements base color

Main Pattern Textures Breakdown

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