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Interstellar Blackhole cinematic - UE5

Interstellar Blackhole cinematic - UE5

Arthur Cossevin
by ArthurCossevin on 6 Nov 2023

A personal project that I have been working on for 4 months, on and off. In this project, I aimed to recreate the Interstellar climax scene, to challenge myself making this cinematic in real time on unreal 5

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This project aim to recreate the Interstellar climax scene, with Gargantua (blackhole) and the Endurance (spaceship) in this epic sequence, all in Unreal Engine 5.
Everything work in real time but the video is pre-rendered for 4K images (don't forget to activate it!).

The blackhole is an HLSL ray-marching shader, built following the amazing Ryan Smith training course, to create a physically accurate gravitational lensing effect, I then made my own changes and additions to bring it as close to Gargantua as possible for me in Unreal.

Endurance model, sci-fi spaceship from the movie.

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