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A Morning in Lumberyard

A Morning in Lumberyard

by Samyuktha on 4 Nov 2023

A Lumberyard Scene created in Unreal Engine 5, used Lumen, Nanite, Volumetric fog and Niagara. Landscape paths created inside unreal engine using sculpt tool. Populated environment with Dekogon Studios - Old West Props, Quixel megascan assets and foliages.

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Hi guys,

I'd like to share a personal project, "A Morning in Lumberyard," which I created eight months ago while I was still at Technicolor Games. This project holds a special place in my heart as it brings back memories of collaborating with great colleagues and seniors who provided valuable feedback and support.

This project underwent several creative iterations, as I was a bit of a novice at the time, but it eventually took shape in its current form. I regret not recording my progress as I worked on it, a mistake I've since rectified. That's it right, making mistakes and learning from them is an integral part of being an artist. It's a journey of experimentation, growth, and experience.

For this project, I primarily utilized Quixel Assets, modeled the modular interior in Maya, and employed Unreal Engine to achieve an old mossy look on the walls through Unreal Shader blending.

My main objectives were to explore Unreal Engine features, enhance my camera composition, and work on color grading. I incorporated Lumen lighting, Niagara, Volumetric fog, and Landscape layer blending. During this project, I encountered a perplexing issue of light flickering in Unreal Engine during rendering, which was a bit intimidating. However, I delved into research and found a solution that involved adjusting the Distance Field Resolution Scale of a specific mesh in the static mesh editor and using Software Ray Tracing. I aimed to avoid Nanite fallback mesh errors because all my meshes were high-poly nanite mesh. While experimenting with volumetric fog, I discovered the power of indirect lighting. This project offered a significant learning curve, fueling my curiosity to pursue a career as an environment artist.

You may be wondering why I haven't shared more recent work here. I plan to share my recent projects and provide detailed insights into the work I'm currently engaged in, so stay tuned.

P.S.: "Novice" is someone who is unafraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

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