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Winter Hops
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Winter Hops

Kam Pranckunaite
by KannedArt on 1 Nov 2023

The end goal is to create a 2D animation of an Owl Griffin hopping through snow. It is a current work in progress!

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Update - 20 Nov 2023

Whilst animating the griffin, creating clean lines etc and smooth in-between frames, I've begun to block out the 3 environment scenes in grey. Once that's complete I'll be adding a gradient map and importing in into my animation file!

I've started finalising the tree design in the 3rd scene (bottom image, wide angle shot). So when that's mostly finished, I'll use it for reference in the second scene to get the tree placements as accurate as possible.

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Update - 15 Nov 2023

Over the last week, I've mainly been adding details to my animatic and reworking the pacing, including the end of scene 2 / start of scene 3. I felt initially, I was cutting out the most interesting bit. Now that this is complete, I'll be moving forward by creating greyscale environments and creating smooth frame-by-frame animation using the animatic as my guide.

I've completely gone over my initial 12-second plan, but I'm confident in my ability to extend the animation after evaluating my current pace.

Update - 8 Nov 2023

I got some peer feedback for the colour iterations and decided on this final iteration. Now that the turnaround is done, I'm excited to move on and start adding details to my storyboard animatic!

This is the animatic I've settled on; there are a few more keyframes I need to establish and timing fixes before I can proceed with details, like legs.

Update - 5 Nov 2023

I've gone ahead an made a quick walk-cycle test animation with my creature design to ensure it's simplified enough for frame-by-frame animation. Not 100% happy with the tail movement but it's only a test after all-

Update - 4 Nov 2023

I've finalised the side view design of the creature design and now am deciding on the colour palette to go with. Mainly, I'm trying to keep it similar to the realistic colours of a barn owl and lion.

I'm halfway done through the turnaround so that will be included in my next update!

Update - 1 Nov 2023

I've just begun, but here are some quick creature concepts I did in my sketchbook! It's been hard deciding whether to have all four legs be lion legs, a mix or pair of each.

Additionally, a quick head turn test of my creature in ToonBoom Harmony, the next thing I'll be doing is creating a turnaround sheet