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Environment Design - The Isle of Werewolves

Environment Design - The Isle of Werewolves

Carla Kirsten
by conceptartbycarla on 1 Nov 2023

An exploration into the world of Silmarillion and the layered aesthetics that define the different factions of the world.

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Environment Design - The Isle of Werewolves

This was a fun excursion onto the dark side of the world of Lord of the Rings. I started out with some studies and visual library building of the aesthetic of Mordor and, tried to take it back a few centuries to what Sauron's hide-out on the Isle of Werewolves would have looked like. The Isle was originally inhabited by elves, so I aimed to include some layers of that history and past glory, overlaid with the brutalist, gothic vibes that comes with every respectable villainous little guy. 

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