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Water Gun a Friendly Weapon

Water Gun a Friendly Weapon

Xiang Jianan
by XiangJianan on 31 Oct 2023

Water gun, was an exercise assigned by Skyup Academy, which was designed to assess my observation skills. The task involved creating a 3D model based on 2D images of the Tim Curry model using Maya. The real challenge in this assignment was to ensure that the model's topology was clean and well-organized.

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Before starting this project, I possessed two years of experience in architectural visualization (Archviz). Initially, I believed that 3D modeling would be a straightforward task. However, I soon discovered that creating a quad-based topology was far more challenging than anticipated. The end result proved to be immensely gratifying, particularly when I observed it in Subdivision Surface mode. Here is the initial Reference.

And here is my final Model.

Finally I did some tests with Vray Fur for the Teddy Bear.

In conclusion, I'd like to express my gratitude for your attention throughout this project. And now, once more, here is the Water Gun.

Thank you.

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