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Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Thamiris Jung
by Thamiris on 27 Oct 2023

With so many pumpkin decorations out there why not have it as a mug as well?

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For this challenge I thought on doing some word play with the famous Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, since it is its season and I drank it for the first time this year.

I made a quick sketch of the proportions and more or less the overall composition of the idea to see if they would make sense together. One of the ideas was to add a coaster that looked like a bark and some autumn leaves as they are lovely and fit the theme quite well. 

After that, I made a blockout in Blender, since I find it way faster to do quick modeling than any other 3D software.

For the texturing I used Substance Painter. For some areas like the bark I edited the materials that are from Substance's library, others I did from zero like the pumpkin itself and the Starbucks logo was edited in Photoshop, redrawn over, and added as an alpha to the file, as well as the file lateral writings. For the leaves I added some subsurface scattering to pop a bit in the renders, that one was made in Photoshop.

I sculpted the high poly in ZBrush and did retopo in Maya, I tried to keep a "low" poly count to keep it game ready. Cause, you never know when you'll need a mug made out of pumpkin in your game. The texture set is 2K, contains only one map and 4111 polygons, lower than that would start to look too angular in such close shots.

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