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Lucía Remartínez de Miguel
by luciareguel on 20 Oct 2023

A little illustration for this year's Halloween.

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This is my Halloween Pumpkin illustration for this year's Halloween! It was entirely done in Adobe Photoshop.

Here is the full process:

First, I started with a loose sketch to see what could work: dymensions of the pumpking, the direction of the leafs, etc.

Then, I needed to look for how the pumpkin's leafs look and after that I did the lineart of the piece using the default ink brush of Photoshop. 

Following this, I painted it with withe and added some grey shadows so it looks more volumetric.

It looks really empty as it is now, so I wanted to add something around the pumpkin. As it's a for Halloween, I looked for a sinister look and I thought that something in the style of the videogame Don't Starve would look great!

I draw a geometric frame around the pumpkin and some lines on and under it.  To make the illustration more three-dimensional, I made the frame to go under the leaf that is on the right side of th drawing.

Finally, I didn't like the black and white look, so I changed the ink color to a light brownish red.

And this is the final result!

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