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Medieval Town

Medieval Town

Christian Tagliapietra
by ChristianTagliapietra on 7 Oct 2023

Here's my first full environment project. Lowpoly modelled in Maya, high poly in Zbrush, baked on Marmoset, unwrapping and trim in Maya, trees and grass made with SpeedTree, and finally Substance Painter and Substance Designer for texturing. Rendered in Unreal Engine 5 with Lumen.

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Here you can see my Miro board where I've studied the mood palette, the building's architectures and materials, and I've also tried to write a story in order to better understand the set dressing.

The second and most important part of my work was focusing on the blockout and the whiteboard of the environment.

Then I moved on to creating all the architectural modules.

Subsequently, I focused my attention on texturing, and on the alpha of the environment.

And in the end, I focused on the set dressing and the lighting.

During this step, I decided to change the architecture of the church, in order to make it more present in this scene. 

And in the end I've added some shaders for the fog, wind, and lights.

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