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Elena Fontana
by FontanaElena3DArtist on 6 Oct 2023

My first Zbrush sculpt which was inspired by the fascinating yokai known as Kamaitachi.

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I am proud to present my first digital sculpture, created with Zbrush and rendered using Maya and Vray.

This project is the result of the modules of Character Design, Maquette and Zbrush at Skyup Academy. Inspired by a concept of mine derived from a yokai called Kamaitachi

Here are my photographic inspirations for the sculpture process, categorized by body parts and details.

Here are the drawings I made following the short character design module. The character is based on Kamaitachi, a yokai figure.

I made a maquette out of "Monster Clay" based on the drawings, with the goal of enhancing the concept.

Here's the timeline of my production process. I began by shaping the primary forms, then proceeded to refine the secondary ones. After that, I crafted the tail, posed the character, and ultimately focused on fine-tuning the details

I tried different base materials and lighting setups based on real-world references before the final render.

Finally, I setteled on a final render reference of a jade figurine to balance the palette and lighting used. And here's my journey!

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