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Quantum Quest project

Quantum Quest project

by LouisCANOBY on 4 Oct 2023

Here is my work on "Quantum Quest" project, a video game concept, thought up with my classmates.

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Hey !

Welcome on this presentation of my works on "Quantum Quest" project, a video game concept, thought up with my classmate.

I created all of this in two weeks.

Hope you'll like it.

The game is a succession of different levels, each of which is a new experience for the player, he must rediscover the game in different ways.

My personal level is called "Gravitown", and take place in a strange gravity world.

First of all, I thought about my thematic, I studied the art style of Daniel "Limulon" Abensour, I created 100 characters in his style in a single night to completely understand his works, and then I started to try some concepts.

Then, I tought about game design of my level.

I needed to create 3 fake screen, 1 mini-game and 1 puzzle.

I also wrote the story of the level, and created an item which will be given to the player to help him in the next level.

For the animations, I set up a spritesheet.

Then, I worked on a splash art to promote my level.

Then I tried to place my elements on the 3 fake screen to see how the parallax could work.

And finally, I made all the fake screen, with a little piece of UI.

And it's over !

I thank you to watching my work !

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