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Crime Scene

Crime Scene

by churro3d on 4 Oct 2023

the adorable bedroom of a little girl where a murder took place, the identities of the victim and the killer are unknown, but it is indeed a tragedy.

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of course, to start this project first thing I needed to do was look up some references to get a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve: the innocence of a child's bedroom overtaken by a murder that happened in it.

After looking for references all day, I did a rough sketch on my sketchbook to visualize the angle and the layout of the bedroom, but I'm not too good at drawing, so it stayed a rough sketch

Later it was time to move onto Maya and start doing the real thing, although not all the models were done on Maya, for example the octopus and the bear plushies were modeled on Blender, the bed as well was modeled on blender through cloth simulations

The back was not really the best part, but since it was against a wall it wouldn't be seen anyways.  The pillows were also done on blender with the same method but later added on maya.

After the basics were done, I started adding more things, first I changed the sofa, because the previous one was downloaded for free but it did not fit my taste so I modeled my own, next I added the stuffed animals which to save time were also downloaded for free on sketchfab, so most of my time from here was spent fixing up the UVs .

Classic render with the checker to check if UV's are correct.

Later I added the first set of textures (without the blood), without many details to forsee if the colours would blend well together.

With the modeles textured it was time to experiment with the lighting, the first results were not... so good (very ugly), but I realized that my mistake was that I was rendering as if the room was an open space, meaning that aside from the walls you can see in the render there was nothing else, so I blocked any light from coming from outside with cubes and the result became instantly better, until getting to the final result below.

final render before compositing

This being the render after compositing on Photoshop

Now that the before was done, the next step was to mess things up a bit, first by displacing all the objects to make it look like a fight happened, like in here, and the next was to change the textures by adding blood on them

It took a couple tries before understanding what I really wanted the stains on the wall to look like, some were too patchy, some too runny, others too bloody, it was no easy quest but in the end I was able to make some alphas that in my eyes seemes ideal

bed close-up in the various stages 

tea table close up

the whole scene without materials and final lighting

Thank you for watching and hope you guys enjoyed my project^^

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