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Nathan Mejia
by NateRender on 3 Oct 2023

I took a Polycount Modeling challenge a while back, being allowed to glean from another artist's, provided concept work, I was to pursue creative outlook, and form art direction. With the allowance of artistic creativity, as long as I stood close to the fundamental design, I could add to the original concept if desired

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I attempted a Polycount Modeling Challenge a while back, to recreate a hard-surface prop model, using another artist's concept work.

We were allowed to glean from the concepts that were provided, and add whatever creative adaptation we saw fit. It was mainly to grow ourselves as artists, pursue creative outlet, and develop ourselves from feedback. Attempting to make artist, Kunbei's- Multifuntional Time Bomb. I had derived most of the development of my asset, from the lower rendition, in his concept art, with a few aspects referenced from the top iteration of it. I was shooting to add a massive, make-shift, plated shield, as I imagined, would provide protection from any opposition that may try to pacify the bomb from accomplishing its goal. This 'plated shield' was inspired by another artist's rendition of a Mech, to which I could not find credit for. However, if someone knows who this belongs to, please inform me, so I may include it here:

I learned a lot creatively, as well as technically; being that, this challenge grew me personally, as an artist.  


                                                    Kunbei - Multifunctional Time Bomb 

                                                              Reference Development Sheet

                                                                           Final Outcome

                                                   Texture and Wireframe Turnaround

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