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Fortituder - NerfBlaster Weekly Drill#86

Fortituder - NerfBlaster Weekly Drill#86

by PandorasFox on 29 Sep 2023

The Fortituder is my creation for the 86th weekly drill.

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The Fortituder is a medium to large Nerf Gun from the Elite Range. It's a 24 round Battery Powered Blaster, ready for you to take on the Battlefield. 


The Fortituder takes design concepts from Doom: Eternal's BFG 9000 (The original name was going to be the BFNG 9000 as a reference to this) and mixes them up with components from primarily  the Nerf Blaster Mastodon and Surgefire, along with design pieces from other Nerf Guns. 


Day 001 was when I put together elements and the general shape of the Nerf Gun I was going to make. In the beginning, it was going to be a standard heavy blaster with a top hand grip, but I removed it from the design.

I did most of my modelling on Day 002.

I had little to do stuff on Day 003, so I created a texture for the weapon and added some small changes to the gun. 

Made some mesh fixing changes and added some details. Made final renders. 

Final Renders


Thank you

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