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Théo Bérail
by TheoBerail on 17 Oct 2023

An Illustration project where I drew a stylized set in the style of Krzysztof Roslan.

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ESMA 2022

This is an Illustration project in which we had to stylize a real-life set in the style of an artist. I've made a film noir atmosphere in the style of Krzysztof Roslan.

Step 1 : Inspiration

We had the choice between two concept artists : Krzysztof Roslan and Marcin Jakubowski. I chose the first one because his style was very funny and unique.

Then I analyzed his style.

Step 2 : Stylising props

Once we were familiar with the style of our artist, we had to chose a set given by the teacher, and stylize props of it.

Step 3 : Finding our story

We were now asked to tell a story with our set. We were free to add objects to tell it. I made four drawings for different stories. Loneliness, partying, a murder, and an abandonned artist workshop.

I chose to tell the story of the murder, but with the ambiance of of the first image. It would be a scene of a Film Noir.

For the colors, I took the inspiration from this scene of the movie Constantine (2005) directed by Francis Lawrence.

Step 4 : Black and white

Step 5 : Colors

Medium used : Watercolor, acrylic, Posca, white liner, HB pencil

Thank you for watching !

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