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Acid dragon

Acid dragon

Alice Cassanmagnago
by alister on 20 Sep 2023

I worked on this project to further practice modeling. I started from the creation of the model to the final result, I hope you like it!

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Dragons have long been a symbol of power, mystique, and fantasy in human mythology and storytelling. In this project, I aim to tap into this rich tradition and bring our own unique vision of a dragon to life, creating a character that resonates with modern audiences while paying homage to the timeless allure of these mythical creatures.

The acid dragon is an imposing and fearsome creature, with a body that is typically sleek and serpentine, combining the elegance of a serpent with the power of a dragon.

Target audience includes gamers, animation enthusiasts, and fantasy art aficionados. The dragon model, even if not yet usable, is designed to be versatile, adaptable to different platforms and media, ensuring seamless integration into various projects and environments. 

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