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minolta rivazoom 70

minolta rivazoom 70

Soffiantini Federico
by FedericoSoffianitni on 19 Sep 2023

minolta rivazoom 70 i found this project pretty interesting as i knew the curved shapes of the camera would prove to be a hard challenge to overcome and having the actual object in my hands would allow me to push my texturing skills

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I came across this camera while rummaging through a drawer in my house. It struck me as a perfect opportunity to hone my texturing and modeling skills.

I'm pleased with the result, even though the polycount is around 15k faces, slightly above the recommended range. I chose to prioritize quality for my portfolio while keeping the face count reasonable with two 2k textures.

I primarily completed the modeling in Blender, performed some refinements in Maya, added final touches in ZBrush, conducted the baking process in Marmoset Toolbag (which I also used for rendering), and textured the model in Substance 3D Painter.

This project was a significant learning experience as it was my first time modeling a prop in Blender. The camera's curved surfaces pushed my topology skills, and using a real reference for texturing was a new challenge. It's a clear improvement from my previous work, especially in texturing.

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