Josevan Danusastra
by JosevanD on 14 Sep 2023

Chashitsu project is a Japanese tea house inspired by the sci-fi setting of Overwatch.

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I envisioned a Japanese/Asian-inspired small room with a vending machine and other items set in the universe of Overwatch. The general theme revolves around Tea and a Japanese tea room, with items related to tea. The art style is similar to Overwatch and the general atmosphere is akin to an Overwatch map Hanamura. The scene will have lighter colors and a warm mood that feels like the map.

At first, I want to create a cyberpunk basement, but after some research, I want to make a lighter and more bright future aesthetic. My main inspirations are Overwatch and also Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Vending Machine - I wanted to make a vending machine, but the normal items of a vending machine are boring, so I decided on a theme of Tea. The items in the machine will be tea leaves canisters (possible addition of tea cans or bottles).

Ceiling Lights - I made a futuristic ceiling light with a holographic light that is found in some parts of Overwatch maps. I wanted to make it feel traditional hence the inclusion of the paper cranes and wooden parts.

Tea Brewing Machine - Since I made a tea canister vending machine, I wanted to find out if there is a tea brewing machine that takes in tea powder. I researched Japanese tea machines and I came across a Japanese tea machine video.

Stairs/Room - I made the room as traditional as possible - using wood textures. I also elevated a part of the room (black part) for the tea place.

Bedside Table - I made a small table that is usually beside the bed - a simple yet traditional table, to contrast the tea brewing machine that is on top of it.

Pillows - I made a simple sitting pillow (zabuton) as it is a comfort item. I also made the pillow green to follow the theme of tea.

Tea Table - I made a tea table and a tea set on top. I realize that if I want to make a tea-themed scene, I would base it on Japanese tea houses. I made the tea table smaller to fit only 2 people’s worth of tea and included a small light below to fit the futuristic setting.

Tea Set - I want to make a tea set that doesn’t include a teapot. This is due to the existence of the tea machine. I also want to make the wooden tray and cup as traditional as possible to contrast the semi-futuristic table.

Tea Canister - I made a tea canister for the vending machine. I wanted to add a touch of sci-fi while keeping a traditional shape and textures and I want to make a variety of canisters via textures. I had the idea because when I went to Japan, I actually found a vending machine that offers a tea canister. 

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