Stilt House

Stilt House

Luca Bertoncello
by Bertoncc, StromTag, and giuse on 12 Sep 2023

"Stilt House" is a group project made during the CG Masterclass at Skyup Academy.

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Hello! I’m Luca.

Thank you for visiting this page!

This is a group project we did during the CGI masterclass at Skyup Academy using Autodesk Maya 2022, Adobe Substance Painter, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

It was really challenging because, firstly we had to organize all the individual tasks to get the work done before the deadline.

Lastly, lacking a concept of the back of the stilt house, we had to imagine it from scratch (with the consequent reference research) in order to maintain the concept style for the turntable render.

This is the concept that we had to replicate: 

Here is the pre-production phase:

Then we started with the blocking phase:

With all our passion and after a lot of work, mistakes and effort…

This is what we created.

I took care of modeling, lookdev of the water plate, shading, lighting, animation and post-processing (video) but we helped each other on every single field of it.

Hope you like it!

Team members: Luca Bertoncello, Tommaso Stragà, Giuseppe Rodi, Ezoubair Warid

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