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Real to Render Kitchen

Real to Render Kitchen

Angela Ruiz Garcia
by AngelaRG on 9 Sep 2023

Octane for Unreal Engine project for Virtual production. Modeled in Blender and textured/shadered with UE materials nodes.

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This project was created while working for the Virtual Production company MR Factory.

I was the main responsible for the scene, receiving assistance only in the camera matching and in the modeling of some small assets that I was responsible for supervising that they were correct both technically and in shape according to the real reference.

The rest of the scene like the big furniture, sink, the patio and other parts of the scene (including some other small objects that were left behind). They were created, edited and placed in the scene by me.

I also did all the texturing and shading in Unreal, the final lighting and rendering.

The final rendering was done in Octane, but the scene was worked in Unreal Engine with all that entails. There is also a previous version (without the courtyard) that works perfectly in real time for Virtual Production filming, but at the end the project was canceled so we just render the Octane version.

P.D.: I'll try to bring some day that UE version :)

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