First steps in learning more about foliage.

First steps in learning more about foliage.

Franka Ordeman
by FrankaVincenta on 8 Sep 2023

A description of my first learning steps in making foliage and learning from other artist and watching their approach in this field.

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Taking a step further in exploring environment design.

Lately, I've been working on improving my skills as an environment artist, with a special focus on crafting beautiful foliage. To assist in my journey, I've been studying the works of other talented artists, using their creations as valuable references to guide my initial efforts in this field.

Three artists who have truly inspired me are,

Zugzug Art - Stylized Wildflowers Pack

Luiza R. Tanaka - SMITE: Roman Arena - Foliage

Jacinta Vu - Vanarana Breakdown

I've been impressed by their skill in arranging flowers and leaves to create visually pleasing compositions. Moreover, I've learned how color profoundly influences the overall appeal of a piece. I haven't had much prior experience working extensively with plane meshes for foliage.  Which was an exciting thing to try out!

Looking at the structure of other artists' work, I was able to take my first shot at it and recreate a few simple flower and leaf shapes. From there, I quickly put together a basic flower that satisfied me. I found that it was all much more enjoyable and easier than I had originally anticipated. I often feel a bit apprehensive about learning new things, but I'm looking forward to continuing with this newfound knowledge and eventually creating a fully constructed piece.

Below, you can see a few more attempts I've tried to create in the Engine and Blender. The shapes here and there may need a bit more originality and uniqueness, but I'm happy that I've been able to take the first steps in this development. 

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