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E.C.C.: Enhanced Combat Cadavers

E.C.C.: Enhanced Combat Cadavers

Nico Rodrigues-McKenna
by anchorlight on 7 Sep 2023

An isometric stealth action game where an oppressive regime controls the world with an army of the undead.

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ECC: Enhanced Combat Cadavers was a 10 day gamejam created with the theme "Death is only the beginning."  We settled early on with a control scheme that primarily uses the mouse.  Co-created with another developer that was more familiar with the genre and perspective, it was my first attempt at an isometric game.

Despite the short time frame, ECC was incredibly ambitious; aside from some Kenney assets for various default buildings and a few PBR textures online, everything was made from scratch.  We also designed original buildings and decorations to complement the stock buildings, and recorded over 100 lines of unique dialogue for the various enemies that populate the map.  The game features dynamic music that plays different layers of the main background music depending on the player combat and objective states.  We even managed to cram a cutscene into the opening!

I had a lot of fun applying a procedural touch to the game.  We generated the core street layout with an online tool, then populated the street layout with various nodes that could spawn buildings picked randomly at runtime.  We also included a random name pool for NPCs and generated randomized profiles for every character that spawned into the game.

My personal favorite detail is something rather subtle-- when you complete a session of the game, the player is booted to an outro/debriefing screen.  While the scoreboard itself wasn't implemented in time for jam, we did implement a system where all of the names of enemy patrols that die in combat are logged; fitting with the dark dystopian theme of criminals being reanimated to fight for the Ministry, the catwalk of soldiers will display all the names of the enemies you neutralized.

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