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PRORIG Magazine | An unconventional graduate thesis on 3D Rigging

PRORIG Magazine | An unconventional graduate thesis on 3D Rigging

Iolanda Filipponi
by iolandafilipponi on 6 Sep 2023

I am proud to share my M.A. thesis on character rigging. I summed up my education path creating a unique essay and pushing conventional boundaries. Learning character rigging can be pretty challenging, so I designed three engaging tutorials: fundamentals, characters, props rigging and scripting.

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Welcome to PRORIG! 3D rigging is amazing yet it can be a bit challenging sometimes. Since this is the first issue of many (we hope so), we are going to start right from the basics. By doing so, at the end of this practice, you’ll be able to master (almost) any type of character rig. The secret is using funny and unusual models, not the basic human one. Indeed, you will be practising on three of the aliens from the animated mock-commercial “Space Capades”. Well, no more waiting; enjoy the issue! (and rigging, as long as things go smoothly).

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