Backyard Lake
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Backyard Lake

Hearath Mudiyanselage Dumindu Shanaka
by duminduhearath on 16 Jun 2019

This Clip was created after inspired by the CG work on "Christopher.Robin.2018" Film. Main focus on creating believable environment using Maya tool-set. Every asset was created by me from scratch. Green screen plate was taken using Nikon D7200.

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Update - 16 Jun 2019

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Update - 29 May 2019

Hi everyone. This is my first Video that i have created for my Lighting and Rendering show-reel. I loved the CG work on " Christopher.Robin.2018 " .and thought it's good to try to do something similar. So i created this using my current knowledge. Below you can see the creation process. I do like to get some feedback from you all. and do like to adjust all my errors. Please do not hesitate to add any thoughts on this clip. i appreciate any critique or comment. It will help me a lot to develop. 

Color / Light / Wire frame Maps created.

Rendered using Arnold. I rendered the image in separate render layers to help reduce render time and ease the editing process. each layer contains same or different AOV layers. it helps me to fine tune the final image easily in composition stage.

The most changing part on this project is the Live action integration. because that green screen shot is not an actual Moving camera shot. it is a Still shot taken using a tripod. so i had to choose a way to attach this clip on the frame correctly.

Well in here i have used a camera Projection method to include this clip. i don't know whether you agree or not with me , my second option was to track the camera on rendered 3D scene to include it. But i uses first option. it works well for me. So i created a plane and a Projection cam and exported them in to Nuke x.

Bear model was created using Maya and Z-Brush. then clothes are created using marvelous designer. Xgen Used to add Fur to the character. in here to fake the fur effect i have generated a Fur texture in Substance designer and driven that procedural map to Xgen material.

All Plants are created using Speed tree and Maya. Leaf material are scanned and Photographed ones and then i manually generated the textures using Photoshop. Textures are created using Photoshop, Substance designer, Substance Painter.  Texture used on Home are from one of my Up coming Personal Project. i will add mere details on this texture on that project.  Z-Brush used on rocks and the desk to add more details.

I have used Projection method to make the final image. It helps me to integrate Live action plate in to the CG Clip.