Fake Heroes / Inopia

Fake Heroes / Inopia

Carlos Fernando Pimentel Páramo
by Brendan Glover, Sofía Loya, escorcely, and rodrigoraygoza on 1 Jun 2019

Fake Heroes is a fake teaser trailer for a story where the first three guys with superpowers throw the morality out the window and become professional thieves. Inopia is what happens when an artist gets lost in his thoughts when you ask him to speak about himself.

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Fake Heroes was my Vancouver Film School's final project, my intention with this fake teaser trailer was to explore compositions that resemble hero shots from several studio's show reels and movie trailers. By choosing to do a trailer, I had the liberty to shoot in several conditions/locations and solve the post production by different means.

Currently, one of the main challenges for me has been color integration. During my year in VFS and my last semester at Tec de Monterrey, I realized that I need guidance to improve my integration/color correcting skills.

Brendan Glover is responsable for the knives animation in this shot, a very dedicated peer from Tec de Monterrey and VFS. 

This shot was particularly hard to integrate, because there were a ton of light sources, I found out that ambient lighting is harder than a one source setup. 

The knives animation was done by Rodrigo Raygoza, a very talented animator from my class, you can check out his reel here: therookies.co/rodrigoraygoza

After shooting, this was the shot that I liked the least because I struggled selling it. Nonetheless it became the shot with the "most" compositing for the trailer. With this shot I learned that compositing is all about mixing 2D and 3D elements until the idea can really stand out for itself.

Aside from the hard skills that this project presents, during my stay in Vancouver and VFS I learned how time management helps you balance between work and social life. There are problems that one has to figure out by yourself and there are moments where you need mentoring or feedback. 

I think the coolest thing about our industry is the communication between everyone, as artists we grow and improve by sharing. My work wouldn't be the same without the feedback of my classmates and teachers. I'm certain I'll keep finding amazing people to share with wherever my career leads me.

Inopia is my final project from Tec de Monterrey. In this short film, my team and I wanted to illustrate the most common scenario for an artist at a job interview in our city.

During the making of the project, I learned how to direct everyone involved. It's not the same directing actors than explaining the scene to the sound engineer, and it's until that very moment that I realized the huge diversity of mindsets and personalities that you have to sync to your vision of the project.

During the production phase of the project, one of the things we struggled the most with was locations and reshoot availability. I think I've come to admire cameramen even more than before because it's not an easy task. 

The short includes several live action shots with 2D animation integrated on it. All of those 2D sequences were created by my teammate Sofía Loya

Thank you for visiting my project!

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