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by antoinep on 29 May 2019

Short movie, the landing of a spaceship in a vast city inspired on the artistic universe of Ian Mcque.

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Update - 29 May 2019

Happy to present "Doon", a two month project we did at school (New3dge) whith a group of others students : Quentin Batsal, Williams Baud, Manon Berthelot, Angélique Busca, Dorian Scherrer.

My main work here was the animation for the spaceship and the windy sand fx. I also worked on the storyboard, the layout 3d, did a lot of scene assembly for the city from outside, props modeling in the city view, camera placement and animation and some texturing on the desert envrironement.

The sound design and music has been done by Fabien Crousillac and Anthony D'amario .

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