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'A Souls Journey'

'A Souls Journey'

by marydvd on 3 Sep 2023

I focused on Character Designs and a few Concept Art related to my story Outline. I created thumbnails, a 360 turnaround and an expression sheet page for 3 different characters, and 4-6 drawings of the story’s environment with the characters interacting with each other.

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Story Outline:

A fisherman who lives in poverty is in need of money for his daughters upcoming 16th birthday, so an accomplished demon uses his fraud jewellery store to lure in the man to trade for a beautiful necklace. However, the fisherman didn’t realise his soul is what the con-artist demon was stealing, and carelessly traded a badge his daughter gave him years ago. The Demon successfully steals the fisherman's soul since the badge held great sentimental value, which was all he needed (similar to signing a contract). The fisherman's daughter noticed his lack of sympathy and decides to go back to the peculiar demon store to take back his soul, but suddenly found their way into a monster filled world. Join the journey of the two completing a mission while exploring a progressing world of new species in the Under World.

Turn-around Sheets

Expression Sheets

Concept Art & Environment Designs

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