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by elinom on 3 Sep 2023

‘Dewdrops’ is a project which focuses on the development and production of a cast lineup which features ‘stylised-bugs’, intentionally designed for a 2D-rigged animated series. This project contains character designs for four different bugs, all of which interact with one another.

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The main cast line-up features 4 bug characters. The following is in order from left to right:

Bumble (The Bee), Peacock Spider, Moth and Praying Mantis.

Bumble is a small, round bee who gets quite anxious during social interactions. Nonetheless, he devotes lots of care and attention to his important duties.

The Peacock Spider, a friendly arachnid with an extroverted nature, unveils its iconic fan and joyfully dances about, extending a warm welcome to fellow buggies in its home.

Moth can be described as an introverted and mysterious moth, known for her reserved nature. She seeks comfort of her own wrapped wings around her, which adds an air of intrigue to her presence.

The Praying Mantis, is incredibly cautious of her surroundings, maintaining a keen watchfulness. She's remarkably quick and alert, enabling her to perform tasks with elegant precision. Additionally, there's a sense that she might be hiding something beneath her composed exterior, hinting at a deceptive side to her character.

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