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NY Apartment - Ue5(Lumen) + Relighting

NY Apartment - Ue5(Lumen) + Relighting

by mohammeda97 on 31 Aug 2023

I wanted to do an interior lighting scene for a while, so I made a small New York apartment scene assembled in Unreal Engine 5 using a handful of TwinMotion asset packs and some additional sourced assets that worked with the scene. ArtStation Post:

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It took some time, but I am pleased to finally share this apartment I've been working on during my free time after work. I've been wanting to do lighting for an interior scene for a while now, but couldn't find an appropriate environment to do it in. So I built this small scene comprised of Assets from a few TwinMotion Asset packs, materials and small props from Megascan Library and other various props online that looked great for the level. My main focus on this scene was lighting and atmosphere, so it felt nice to not be bogged down in modelling for a change. Enjoy!

Lighting Breakdown

Working with Lumen:

With Unreal Engine 5's new lighting system, Lumen, I was able to make really quick lighting changes to my scene and purely focus on creative decisions. I was able to make some interesting moods with the day time lighting, which changed the scene's look entirely. 

Alternative Lighting 

I wanted this scene to be lighting focused so I decided to make an alternative lighting set up at night. This gave me some great story telling potential and allowed me to be creative with how I wanted the scene to be presented. 

With this scene I didn't want to rely on just the lighting alone, so I added small elements in the scene to help add to the clutter and establish visual storytelling through setdressing. 


This was an fun project to work on, there were some areas where I probably could have added more, but I was satisfied with the results and decided to share. I managed to learn quite a bit with this project with approaching interior levels  and also working with Lumen. 

Like I mentioned in the description, this was a lighting project primarily so I didn't want to focus too much on the modelling and texturing as I made a handful of things like various props that I felt helped add to the scene, such as the paintings and Kitchen assets: 

Additionally, I made the laminate floor material using Substance Designer and Tiling rug Material with a Parallax effect using a height map. 

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